What Does Your Dream House Say About Your Personality?

Team American Way
Published on December 27, 2017

What Does Your Dream House Say About Your Personality?

We all have a dream home. The perfect place that matches our personality and desires. People spend years of their life thinking about their dream home. But did you know that the type of house you like actually reveals a lot about your personality? So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling!

Art Deco

You are a high spirited person and are full of humor. No one or nothing can dampen your spirits even if they tried. You live in the moment and people love that about you. You live in peace and prefer to avoid conflicts. You love interacting with other people — you like throwing dinner parties and having friends over. People love spending time around you because you’re genuine, honest, and engaging.


You are a very humble person, calm and are aware of one’s self-worth. You think before you speak or make any decisions. You exhibit wisdom and integrity and you do well under pressure and over time you learn from your experiences. You’re down-to-earth and easy to get along with. You’re a naturally warm person, and everyone you meet immediately feels at ease around you. Because of your low-maintenance personality, you’re laid-back and always happy to go with the flow.


You are the kind of person who loves exploring and learning new things. You live on the edge and you make spontaneous decisions yet you are family-oriented and somewhat a “homebody”. You are an empathetic person and you are a great friend and you will always be there for your loved ones in any time of need. You love having some close friends over, cooking for them, and enjoying their company.


You are a calm and collected person even during the most stressful situations. You pay attention to details and are very organized. Once you have set your mind to something, no one or nothing can make you think differently. You appreciate the finer things in life. You’re fiercely loyal and trustworthy, and your friends know they can depend on you for absolutely anything. Stability is important to your life. Since you’re logical and levelheaded, everyone knows you’re reliable.


You’ve always dreamed that your life would play out like a fairy tale. You are sensitive to others feelings and a big softie. The people around you trust you so much that they tell you their deepest secrets. You are very approachable that way. You are also very passionate about your beliefs. Your happiness is contagious, and everyone who spends time with you feels more energetic and optimistic after being around you.


You are creative and are always looking for answers to problems. You are brave enough to take the road less taken which people admire you for. You are trustworthy, encouraging and people value your advice and everyone looks up to you as a role model. While you like saving money, you’re willing to splurge a little for something you really love. Although you can be somewhat introverted at times, you love having a few close friends, especially ones you can talk to about anything. You dream of traveling the world and learning everything you can about other countries and cultures.

Log Cabin

You are an adventurer at heart but also crave some blissful alone time. You’re probably slightly introverted with a passion for the outdoors. But who needs the big city when you can fall asleep to the sound of rain on your metal roof and wake up to the chirping birds? You tend to value the little things in life and your eyes are tuned to the magic of life at all times. The warm lighting and the cozy wood tones are as welcoming and comforting as your personality. 


You are a determined, ambitious and strong person. You have a positive effect on the people around you. Pressure doesn’t break you and you have the strength to withstand it all. You are hardworking and honest. You love living a simple life, and this small cottage-style home is perfect for your personality. You don’t care that much about physical possessions — you think your relationships are much more important than the things you own. People know they can count on you to always be down to try new things.


You are a sensitive person with a heart so big it is made of gold. You tend to others needs first before yours and people might take advantage of that. You stick to your word and always have a positive outlook on life, no matter the situation. If you’re drawn to this modern house, you’re organized and analytical, but you also have a wild imagination. You’re a natural leader with a lot of ambition, and your friends think you’re responsible and put together.


Your entire personality is built on a strong foundation of family and you are not afraid to get a little dirt under your fingernails. You are honest, welcoming, and fiercely humble. Your family values and work ethic drive you to live as wonderfully as your parents did, and you probably want to pass that on to your four to six kids. You do not shy away from a challenge and value bravery and excitement, but you also love the comforts of home and the tranquility of the night sky on a cloudless summer evening. You’re relaxed and love living life at a slightly slower pace.

Which house did you choose? Did it suit your personality? Regardless of your dream house and dream life, you are unique and beautiful in your own right. Never stop dreaming until you make at least some of those dream home aspirations in your head a reality. You can do it and  #TeamAmericanWay is here to help!