It took some time to finally get here – but it’s safe to say the smart home has finally arrived. Good news for those who love smart homes: They’re not nearly as expensive as they used to be. Here are a few products to help you go smart without going broke.

Amazon Alexa Smart Home System

The Amazon Echo smart speaker with Alexa is one of the best voice assistants available. The premise of Alexa is simple – you can ask the digital assistant questions or command her to control the devices in your home with smart home devices such as bulbs, thermostats, plugs, etc. Check out “All things Alexa” to learn more.

Smart plumbing fixtures

We’ve used smart plumbing fixtures for years in public restrooms – toilets that flush automatically and faucets that stream water as soon as a hand is placed beneath it.

Now that same tech idea is available in our homes, only better. How many times has the cooking goo you want to get off your hands ended up on the faucet’s handle? With voice-sensing fixtures, it’s now hands-free and oh, so clean.

Check out Delta’s Wi-Fi-connected and Alexa-powered Touch2O smart faucet.

Check the weather while you shave

The stuff of sci-fi movies just a few years ago, Alexa and Google Assistant are added to mirrors, smoke alarms, and more.

Bathroom and kitchen product giant Kohler Co., introduced the Verdera Voice-Lighted Mirror, with Alexa built in. Use your voice to control the lighting, check the traffic while you shave or apply your makeup in the morning without putting up with the clutter of a TV or radio on the bathroom counter.

So it’s pretty easy to put a smart home together if you start small and build over time as they seem useful to you. Bit by bit you’ll start to find that your home is getting a lot smarter.